About me

Hello, I’m Grațian! I guess that would have been normal to greet you with a deep and abstract message about life as I saw that most blogs have, but I preferred a frank and straightforward description, because this is who I am.

Welcome to my world, a world of ideas, projects, a life lived optimistically. It’s one of my goals: to laugh 2-3 times a day. It is very healthy.

I did not want to make a technical blog, as I have been advised by some friends/collaborators, but I wanted to do something cool that represent me and not only to bore you with analyzes, data or serious issues related to policy and policies. So if you are concerned about issues on the public agenda, if you are passionate about European or international development-affairs, if you like good music or if you are cinephiles, you can watch my posts, be it analyzes, editorials, opinions, thoughts or experiences.

You’ll also find on this site interviews or opinions of friends / colleagues, generally people who are concerned about some specific areas, people involved, people who want to change something.

The first 10 years I lived under communism, without bananas and standing in line for milk. Until now I did a lot of stuff; some things I liked, some not, but all this made me what I am now. I sold wood, wine or home appliances; I was a bartender, DJ and corporatist, but since 2005 my life has changed because of the Erasmus scholarship. Since then I have studied and worked in Germany, Belgium, Italy, Hungary and Serbia, I interacted with people from all over the world and I was involved in solving “home” problems.

My friends in adolescence know me like “Bară”, my  friends from Belgium know me as consultant, those from CoDe call me “The Thinker” and they consider me an expert on EU issues, the colleagues from Europuls know me as an expert on regional development and EU funding, and those who read “Adevarul” or “Contributors” know me like blogger and journalist. Sometimes I write on the website VICE and some people call me hipster. Many people ask me what I do for living and I really do not know what to say or how to begin. I always found it a little difficult to answer that question, simply because I personally identify myself with many things. If I say that I do just one thing, I’d limit and I leave behind many other things in which I find myself. This is why I have made this blog :  not to give all the time specific explanations  about what I really do. Sometimes can be exhausting.