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Antidote to apathy

15 Apr , 2015  


I saw the TED before, I think last year. A few days ago, in Bucharest  someone recommended me the short speech. I saw him and I realize that this apathy will happen also in the coming years. The change will be slowly, and this apathy is the product of Western society. People generally do not realize these things, so there is no involvement. What is happening in Canada, it happens all over the world, including Romania. But let’s see what says Dave Meslin, a guy who is a kind of a catalyst for community and promote a closer engagement between governments and citizens:

How often do we hear that people just don’t care? How many times have you been told that real, substantial change isn’t possible because most people are too selfish, too stupid or too lazy to try to make a difference in their community? I propose to you today that apathy as we think we know it doesn’t actually exist, but rather, that people do care, but that we live in a world that actively discourages engagement by constantly putting obstacles and barriers in our way.”

He identified some examples of obstacles related to the city hall, public space, media leaders, political parties  and elections. But more on Dave‘s TED speech:

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