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Diana Rusu about ARCADIA

17 Feb , 2015  

Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development -ARCADIA was created in 2010 by a group of friends passionate about international development, wishing to contribute to the development of this new field of activity in Romania. Coming with extensive expertise gained in studies and international jobs, the ARCADIA members make available to the community practice members in Romania the access to expertise and engage in activities transfer of know-how. A good example was the project “Training of Romanian experts in international development» ran between 2013-2014, funded by a grant ODA and implemented by ARCADIA in partnership with UNDP Regional Bureau CIS.

As manager of this project I had the pleasure to work with the ARCADIA members of the practice community and with the key NGOs and governmental actors in rural development programs for young innovative training who want a career in international development. Thus was launched the first fellowships for young people focus on priority countries for Romania, was organized a regional conference that brought together academics and practitioners, was piloted the first online mentoring program, were supported trainings on project management in the context of international development and was launched the online magazine All the activities undertaken have emphasized the need to engage in debates content and connect to regional and global priorities in the field, confirming the usefulness of the existence of this organization.

The year 2015 marks a change in vision and global approach in terms of mechanisms, partnerships and tools through which international development programs are implemented. In this context ARCADIA will continue to work with key stakeholders in this field in Romania and to develop new partnerships that will be accessible to the sectors not prioritized but that are essential in the new paradigm of development. Internally we enjoy a growing number of members that brings new initiatives and cross-sector collaboration. New working groups on topics and areas of interest are being formed and will support the professional development of the community of practice with new initiatives. Lifelong learning is essential in such a complex field and open to innovation and efficiency that will have a direct effect on the quality of discourse in the field and advanced project stakeholders.

Diana Rusu- General Secretary ARCADIA

Diana Rusu graduated Bachelor of UBB Cluj-Napoca – Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences, Department of Political and master classes at Central European University in Budapest, Department of International Relations and European Studies. On her return she joined My Grasp as Director of External Relations (2010-2011) where he participated in activities to promote the role of education in promoting Romania’s competitiveness. From 2010 to May 2013 she worked in various positions with UNDP as internal, consultant and project assistant and get a grant in the summer school organized by the NDP and CEU on sustainable development in the Central and Eastern. In 2013 Diana has worked several months with the organization Provence- House of Europe on issues of active citizenship and labor market integration at EU level and in the winter of the same year led implementation of the ARCADIA project “Training of Romanian experts in international development” grant funded by ODA.

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