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EU hires Aid Volunteers

18 May , 2015  

The EU Aid Volunteers initiative brings together volunteers and organisations from different countries. More than 18 000 citizens are expected to take part in the programme, contributing to humanitarian work and expressing their solidarity by helping people caught up in crises.


The EU Aid Volunteers initiative will be officially launched in 2015, offering over 18 000 citizens the opportunity to join a humanitarian organisation around the world for a limited amount of time. A network of volunteers will be established to allow them to interact with and support each other before, during and after deployment.

It is estimated that a budget of almost 150 million euros will be devoted to this initiative, which will employ more than 4,000 volunteers who will be deployed in various missions, 4,400 volunteers from other NGOs in third world countries will participate in capacity building projects and more than 10,000 volunteers will have opportunities to work online.

For more data you can access the website of European Commission. The volunteer opportunities will be posted here.

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2 Responses

  1. Tareq Asad says:

    I am working in a youth organization in Palestine, how can we participate in this project?

  2. gratianmihailescu says:

    Follow the DG Echo website and see when they post the opportunities. I think they will hire volunteers at the end of the year. You have all the data there!

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