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26 Apr , 2015  

It’s one of my favorite speeches, although many people say it comes from someone controversial, George Papandreou, former Prime Minister of Greece in 2009-2011. I do not care about the controversies surrounding the personality of Papandreou, but what interests me are the values and the concepts  promoted by  this speech from 2013 from Edinburgh, Scotland. I inserted this TED link in the past published articles were I talked about the deficit of democracy on my personal blog, about famous Roşia Montană protests on Think Outside The Box platform : “Are the majority of romanians stupid?” or on Contributors “Are the majority of romanians stupid? From the functionality of european democracy till Roşia Montană”
The speech begins by explaining “the failure of leadership” globally: What is the failure of leadership today? And why is our democracy not working? Well, I believe that the failure of leadership is the fact that we have taken you out of the process. So let me, from my personal experiences, give you an insight, so that you can step back and maybe understand why it is so difficult to cope with the challenges of today and why politics is going down a blind alley. Enjoy!

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