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10 Feb , 2015  

I like to go on summer at Văliug, 3 Ape or Gărâna, I like to ride my bike, or to play football, I like to snowboard on winter, I like to hang out with friends in a bar, I like to learn and discover new things, to play football on playstation, I like to write, I like live music, I like good movies, I like challenges, I like to get involved in things I believe in, I like change, I like to ask questions, I like to build, I like to laugh, I like freedom, I like to be independent, I love my family, starting with my mother.

I like swimming in a mountain lake, I like music festivals because there the social barriers disappear and the world is happy, I like to daydream because it gives me hope, I like to set goals that I struggle to reach, I like to live in Romania although it is sometimes frustrating.

I like positive and social people, who can charge you with positive energy. I like summer in the mountains, I like honesty, fairness, I like fine irony and sarcasm.

I like to drive because I can think quietly, I like to go to places where I have not been before, I like to get involved in social and charitable things, I like the “international development”. I like to do something that has impact, I like to joke, I like to enjoy the successes of friends / acquaintances.

I like Andi MOISESCU Catalin Stefanescu, Marina Constantinescu, Eugenia Voda as TV people, I like Andrei Pleşu, Dan Alexe, Mircea Cărtărescu as writers, publicists, I like Andrei Gheorghe, Liviu Mihaiu, Dobrovolschi and Craioveanu as radio people.

I like to feel intensely, I like to be well informed, I like being analytical, I like to be spontaneous, I like being creative and innovative.

The rest you will see on the site over time.

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