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My wish for 2016: an online global start-up

29 Dec , 2015  

In the last 3 Months I came up with an ideea of on-line start-up in the urban sustainable development. Why? Because I think that cities and internet will develop fast in the next years. I contact my fellow colleagues from Master CoDe, because I had the pleasure to live for 18 Months with 23 different nationalities, and I think my colleagues could bring added value to this project. Of course the start up will be open to other person interested in the domain, even if we talk about specialists, experts, academicians, politicians or civil society activists. More details soon, probably at the end of January or February. I believe in this project and I think we will have the know-how to develop an on-line worldwide community interested in this start-up. I read today a post on linkedin written by a guy who is Fellow, Arthur & Toni Rembe Rock Center for Corporate Governance at Stanford University called “2015 was a tipping point for six technologies that will change the world” and the first was about Internet and Knowledge.

In the developed world, we have become used to having devices that connect and inform us and provide services on demand, and the developing world has largely been in the dark.  As of 2015, however, nearly half of China’s population and a fifth of India’s population have gained Internet connectivity.  India now has more Internet users than does the U.S., and China has twice as many.

Smartphones with the capabilities of today’s iPhone will cost less than $50 by 2020.  By then, the efforts of Facebook, Google, OneWeb, and SpaceX to blanket the Earth with inexpensive Internet access through drones, balloons, and microsatellites will surely bear fruit.  This means that we will see another three billion people come on line.  Never before has all of humanity been connected in this way.

This will be particularly transformative for the developing world.  Knowledge has always been a privilege of the rich; tyrants rule by keeping their populations ignorant.  Soon, everyone, everywhere, will have access to the ocean of knowledge on the Internet.  They will be able to learn about scientific advances as they happen.  Social media will enable billions of people to share their experiences and help one another. Workers in the remotest villages of Africa will be able to offer digital services to the elite in Silicon Valley.  Farmers will be able learn how to improve crop yields; artisans will gain access to global markets; and economies based on smartphone apps will flourish everywhere.

So, see you in 2016, with good news! If you want to be part of the project, you can contact me!

Photo from The Silicon Valley Spirit Goes Global

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