The Romanian International Development Review

17 Feb , 2015  

Romanian Association for International Cooperation and Development launches the online publication The Romanian International Development Review. It will appear twice a year and aims to create the appropriate editorial knowledge sharing and launching debates reference for international development, bringing together expert opinion of professionals in the government sector, non-government and academia.

The current edition of the publication deals with the theme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) through a series of articles and interviews in this regard. Regarding the topics covered in this edition, it includes:

– We opened the debate on the eight MDGs and further engaged in a overview of the post-2015 development agenda;


– Professor Thomas Pogge from Yale University touched upon the relevance of the new SDGs and introduced his global initiative, Academics Stand Against Poverty (ASAP);

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– Through our interviews, we addressed numerous questions on a range of topics, from global education (Teach for Romania, UN Youth Delegates Program) and peace building (PATRIR) to assistance for development and the implication of the Romanian civil society in the matter (UNDP, FOND);


Conceived as a knowledge-sharing process, within the Review we developed several featured partnerships that provide us with a tremendous professional input from the field (ASAP, PATRIR, etc.)

Articles and interviews can be read by accessing the link http://arcadiareview.ro/

Each edition deals with a distinct theme, so the next number will focus on cross-disciplinary dialogue on the perspective of the states of the Central and Eastern Europe on development cooperation policies (ODA), as former beneficiaries and current donors: The approach of CEE Countries on international development: from aid recipients to aid Donors. More on this topic here.

Stay connected now to regional and global debates through the Romanian International Development Review!

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