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EduCaB is growing beautifully

3 Mar , 2017   Gallery

It’s been a while since I’ve told you any news about EduCaB, but that doesn’t mean the project is stagnating – on the contrary, EduCaB is growing beautifully. A lot of things have happened and the wonderful people involved in the project have had remarkable results. EduCaB is about people and communities, and lately some […]

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When dreams come true

17 Jan , 2016  

After I finished Master CoDe I promised to Sayed that I will do my best to support the Masud Parves Library. That was in 2012. I launch a campaign “Banat for Asia” (Banat is the name of the region where I live) but till 2015 was not so successfull. I wrote to Romanian Members of […]

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Interview with Abu Sayed

31 Jan , 2015   Video

In this section it will be published interviews conducted by me with people I respect, appreciate and esteem, people who make things happen, people who want to change something, people who are involved in diferent projects. The first interviews will be with two friends, both Muslims, precisely because of the events in Paris. I met […]

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