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The chronology of a failed regionalization

20 Apr , 2015  

This is a longer post than usual. I am concerned about this stuff so I had to write something strongly related to expertise because some people told me that I started to write articles without substrate. Well this is something with substrate.

Last year I had the honor that a European organization to contact me for help them in making a progress report on the administrative situation in Romania. The point is that in the past I have been denied by the organization to applications I’ve sent to them, be it for internships, scholarships or job. I applied for each of these positions and each time they refused me. But last year I got mail like “I am very honored to contact you today on Behalf … .. Knowing about your expertise in the field of regional policy and regionalization of the EU we would like to invite you to contribute to the project carried out by AER Academic Centre this year “. I accepted the offer immediately also because in the last 2 years I had written about this subject and somehow I was directly involved in issues of regionalization as part of civil society: those who have the necessary expertise, but are not taken seriously. I was very focused, I wrote a lot, but in vain: at Digi everybody was talking about where will established the capital and other minor issues compared with substantive issues. I will stop here because it’s the blog post, but that’s about the idea of regionalization seen from my perspective:

November 2012: Europuls, Contributors and HotNews: Pleading for Romania regionalization

November 2012: Advocacy Academy Timişoara event:

December 2012: Europuls, Contributors and HotNews: Regionalization. Clarification of the concept.

February 2013: Europuls, Contributors: Regionalization- to a disaster of administrative reform?

March 2013: Launch of the Romanian Academic Society public policy report. Regionalisation and European funds

April 2013: Miercurea Ciuc Conference about Regionalization

May 2013: Europuls, Contributors. The failure of regionalization in Hungary and Slovakia. Romania where?

June 2013:  participated in the “public consultation” in Timisoara organized by MDRAP and Liviu Dragnea. I want it  to speak, but I was not allowed, but after the event I handed Mr. Dragnea the document realised by the Academy of Advocacy. I wrote the following material after this event for  Contributors

June 2013: Romania Curata  Demystify myths related to regionalization

July 2013: The European Commission answer to the question we launched related to regionalization process. “Both the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union and the National Institute of Statistics (NIS) informed the Commission within the revision round of NUTS in February 2013 that Romania will not propose any change to the current structure of NUTS (NUTS 2010) next version (NUTS 2013), which will enter into force on 1 January 2015.

September 2013: Contributors: Regionalization – an imitation of democracy?

November 2013: Adevarul: Regionalization, lots of doubts

November 2013:  Adevarul, Contributors: Regionalization, 41 principalities for “modernization” of Romania

December 2013: Contributors, Adevarul, Romania Curata, Think Outside the Box: The democracy deficit of institutionalized corruption after decentralization

January 2014 : Contributors, HotNews, Finantare, Think Outside the Box
Regionalisation / Decentralization: The Impossible road from central government multilevel governance

January 2014:  Romania Curata: The future does not seems good: about regionalization and EU funds

March 2014: Contributors, Adevarul, Finantare Regionalization and European funds to Eurosfat 2014

April 2014: Eurosfat: Debate about regionalization and EU funds

November 2014: Adevarul: Presidential election debate. Klaus Johannis promises administration reform and decentralization through regionalization

December 2014:  Adevarul: Do not forget what you promised Mr. Iohannis

March 2015: Publication of the report of the european organization Assembly of European Regions on the state of regionalization / decentralization in Romania

That was one of my constant concern in recent years. I strongly believe in subsidiarity, administrative and fiscal decentralization, I believe that the future of the EU lies in product development engines of the regions. Each region has its specifics and development policies and funds/strategies should be made depending on the specifics of each area. Multi-level governance must begin to work if we want to be competitive as a country and as administration. I sincerely hope as after DNA will clean the political class will remove most of the local barons, things will move towards decentralization and administrative reform. We will see!


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