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Two romanians for Nepal

28 Apr , 2015  

You know Mihai  from EduCab project. The friendship that bound me to him somehow related with this project. I wanted to know someone who can help me to help Sayed and manage to do something with “Bănăţeni for Asia”. Mihai was busy with  Educational Capacity Building in Rural Nepal and so, togheter we  tried to unite the two projects and do something about it. Mihai was in Nepal and developed infrastructure and capacity building  in the rural libraries. He has friends there and is closely related to the community. This morning I received the following message from him: “Hey, probably I m  going to  Kathmandu Thursday or Friday to help there. I’ll go in the countryside where we started the project, no one goes there, everyone focuses on Kathmandu Valley.”

Anca  will go with him Friday in Nepal.  She said  that “at present to everybody helps and intervene  in the areas of Kathmandu Valley, but hardly in rural areas of western capital. That’s why we go there. We will reach a rural area, 64 km west of Kathmandu, which is close to the epicenter of the earthquake. From the data we have from our friends & partners, the area is entirely destroyed. Until then we want to raise funds, from you, our friends. The money donated will be the to the local team (Cold Feet Foundation) to provide the first shipments of water, blankets and tents, plus transport of team of volunteers specialized  for disposal and first aid actions. It all depends on how many  funds we raise. There we will do a needs assessment and then, together with representatives of Nepal IOM (International Organisation for Migration) and Nepal UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), organizations that we have already contacted, we will  plan the new interventions according to emergency situation. Those interested in donating, please write a private message in order to give the details of the account. “

You can find Mihai here and Anca here.

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  1. Dan says:

    in cases like these used to be involved the Architecture for Humanity, a nonprofit founded in 1999, but as anny god purpose nonprofit they have fill for bankruptcy at the begging of this year. In case I can help remotelly from here (you know what I do) I’m more than happy to give a hand.

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