After I finished Master CoDe I promised to Sayed that I will do my best to support the Masud Parves Library. That was in 2012. I launch a campaign “Banat for Asia” (Banat is the name of the region where I live) but till 2015 was not so successfull. I wrote to Romanian Members of European Parliament, I searched for people sensitive on S-E Asia issues, I apply for international small grants, I tried to raise the awarness and to mobilize community, I sent emails, without success. It was imposible, because people start asking me questions “Why Bangladesh? We have huge problems in Romania also”. Even the Romanian secret services start asking questions to people, regarding my campaign, without understading why I want to do that.

Till I met Mihai, a guy from Bucharest, who develop a network of rural libraries in Nepal. I keep close with him, and he told me about his vision of EduCab, an inter-instituional and interdisciplinary platform that will increase the institutional capacity of libraries to operate as educational, cultural, social hubs of and development to the communities where they operates. I believe in these type of hubs, who connect people all over the world, with the same energy, and togheter they create worldwide communities. Mihai talked with Alice, who is organizing charity events in Bucharest for different causes. Alice propose us to organize a charity event with a movie projection. And we did it in Bucharest on 7 th of December, 2015. We manage to collect almost 1000 euro and without the help of Alice and Mihai this event campaign would not be possible. I am happy that I met them, they are beautiful people with a lot of vibrant energy and with good souls, involved in many projects.


Mihai told me last week that he bought the plain ticket. “We leave on February the  5 and return on 19. We will go in Nepal and Bangladesh”Ok, nice,  but I was not really financially prepared for such a trip. So I made this crowdfunding  campaign on Generosity,   called When Dreams Come True To participate at Sayed library opening I need 1648 dollars. This crowdfunding campaign has as an aim to cover transport costs to/from Nepal and Bangladesh. For each cent you donate, I will offer you something in returna as a sign of gratitude: a blog post for 20$ (on a blog with an audience spanning over 140 countries), a handmade product for 35$ and a traditional handcrafted product from Bangladesh or Nepal for a 50$ donation.

20$ Special post on my blog
My personal blog is followed by tens of thousands of people, from Romania and outside of Romania. My posts reach 140 countries. For every 20 I can write a special article, with pictures and a special dedication to the donor. It can be in English or in Romanian.

35$ Artisanal product
Bangladesh has a long tradition in artisanal products. For every 35$ donation I am offering you a handmade from South East Asia. The donor should cover the transport costs. Sayed will be a good consultant regarding what type of artisanal products are more popular and I will have his full support in choosing the most beautiful products from Bangladesh.

 50$ Handcrafted Product

The culture of Bangladesh is a mixture which, over the centuries, has assimilated influences of Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. It is manifested in various forms of handcrafted products that transmit this melange of influences. Sculptures, carpets, toys, handbags, traditional clothes, all could be sent to the donor. Transport costs should be covered by the donor. For every 50$ donation, I am offering you a handcrafted products made in Bangladesh.

 I believe that dreams can come true, if people with the same energies work together. The best example is our team: Alice, Mihai and me. Together we helped Sayed to fulfill his dream. Now, I ask you to accomplish my dream: that of attending the inauguration of Sayed`s library.


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